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Tantaluz was established as a German band, but rapidly evolved to an international network of musicians who take over the role and instrument of a certain comic band-member. While the songs are still mastered in Bonn, each track might have gone a far way around the world.
Therefore you will meet us and our music in video games and movies, but seldom on stage!
You would like to have us in your video game or movie? No problem! We are always looking for interesting opportunities to play gigs outside the real world. If you would like to create a song with us you are also welcome to contact us.
Robert Zayin WooHooM Duncan Dellamorte Philtoby Caybn' Nadi Shuai
Warp pipe
Warp pipe
The Bazaar re-opened with new merchandise! Our new album "Symphonia bestiaria" is on pre-order now!

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