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While the digital band Tantaluz prepares their gigs inside Tantaluz Tower (as seen inside retro-rpg "Data Hacker Inititation"), we still record our songs the traditional way in Bonn the former capital of Germany. Afterwards the songs are sent to featuring musicians before coming back to us for mastering.

Tantaluz was established in 2001 as weekend-project; and this is actually what we still are. Hence we only work on projects which really tickle our fancy.

Robert Zayin - Rythm Guitar, Piano, Songwriting
Caybn' Cabanossi - Lead Guitar
WooHooM - Bass, Vocals
Duncan Dellamorte - Bass
Dr. Philtoby - Drums, Percussion
Shuai.Dreamer - Vocals, Wind instruments
Nadi - Vocals

Tantaluz band

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